Agent Meeting group 2019

5tes Agententreffen 2019
Group photo Agent Meeting 2019


In the first week of September, 70 years after the company was founded, representatives of the worldwide subsidiaries and agencies met to exchange ideas with the representatives of LUBING Germany. The following days were accompanied above all by intensive product training, a supporting programme ensured the festive character of the meeting. On 6.9. the anniversary week reached its climax with a joint company celebration of all representatives and employees on the
company premises.

International agent meeting

5tes Agententreffen 2019
Agent Meeting 2019


70 years of company history make 2019 a special year for LUBING from Barnstorf. The 5th international agent meeting took place again in Barnstorf at the company headquarters with representatives of subsidiaries and branches. Almost 60 guests from 30 countries came to learn about new product developments and to discuss the worldwide development processes in agricultural animal husbandry.


Ausbildungsbeginn 2019
LUBING Young Generation Team 2019


LUBING Young Generation Team 2019

Five trainees, one dual student and one annual trainee were welcomed at the Barnstorf headquarters of LUBING Maschinenfabrik on August 1, 2019.

This year, in which LUBING celebrates its 70th anniversary, Andrej Limberg started his training as a machine and plant operator. Levin Kenneweg is trained as an electronics technicians for operations technology and Alireza Jahangiri as a specialist for metal technology. Konrad Book began his training as an industrial clerk in administration, where Ann-Katrin Zillig also completed her annual internship. At our research center, Lennard Greve started his training as a technical product designer and Stefan Aßling his dual studies in mechanical engineering.

The group photo, this time with the trainers Lena Leukering (right) and Michael Schelhas (left) at the start of the training with a clear reference to the upcoming 70th anniversary celebration, which will take place in September. We are proud of our long history and are well positioned for the future with currently 13 young people in training.

NEW! LUBING D-Line pump units

LUBING D-Line pump unit
NEW! LUBING D-Line pump unit


Change of the Top-Climate-System product range to a modular design



In order to meet the requirements of the various markets more flexibly, we are planning a changeover of the product range at the Top-Climate-Systems. The Eco pump units will initially be affected by the changeover.

The future modular design will allow many new combinations for individual adaptation. In the future, we will therefore be able to cover a large number of individual variants with a small number of modules.

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Donation 2018

Donation handover 2019


Symbolic donation cheque handover in February 2019


Traditionally, the donation cheques were handed over to the recipients shortly before Christmas. Last year, however, this did not fit and so an appointment was made this year. During the visit in the spring-like February 2019 from Mrs Schäfer from the primary school Eydelstedt and Mr Stubbe from the booster club "Förderverein Eydelstedt" (both for the family and education centre Eydelstedt) as well as Mr Pastor Schröder for the food bank "Tafel Barnstorf" and Mr Rattay from the historical society "Heimatverein Barnstorf" the donation cheques were handed over symbolically.

EuroTier 2018

EuroTier 2018
LUBING booth at EuroTier 2018

Many thanks to the numerous visitors of our booth!

Our international LUBING team was at your disposal at EuroTier 2018 for all questions regarding the pig product range in Hanover.

This year LUBING was represented at the EuroTier, without the World Poultry Show, only with the product range pigs.

Numerous visitors informed themselves in great conversations about the latest state of the Drinking-Systems, Climate-Systems and house equipment..

Many visitors were particularly interested in our stand at the first time presented waste air purification with the CleaningCubes. This modular multi-stage system was presented with a complete module for an air volume of 25,000 m³/h thanks to the latest technology, which enables smallest sizes. The control of the CleaningCubes, adapted to the ventilation rate, reduces operating costs to a minimum.

Here is a short video of the exhibition stand:

LUBING Accessories for Conveyor-Systems

LUBING Zubehör Förder-SystemeConveyor-Systems
LUBING Conveyor-Systems accessories


New accessories for LUBING Conveyor-Systems


LUBING Lift column

The LUBING lift columns have been completely revised to provide a more flexible installation. Drive shafts and struts are now adjustable. This allows a quicker adaptation to the structural requirements. The drop protection for securing the Lift-System has been adapted to the current technical state of the art. Furthermore, the LUBING lift columns are available for different transfer heights depending on customer requirements. On request also special voltages can be taken into account.

LUBING Conveyor-Systems accessories
LUBING Conveyor-Systems accessories

LUBING Egg counter EMEC

The egg counter EMEC enables the reliable counting of eggs already on the Conveyor-System. In addition to the daily sum of eggs, the display also shows the current transport rate in eggs per hour. The EMEC egg counter is available for widths of 350, 500 and 750.


Drip oiler accessories: Float switch and drip oiler timer Uni Control

To guarantee an optimal lubrication of the Conveyor-System, we offer optional accessories for the LUBING drip oilers. A float switch can be used to actively monitor the level in the oiler reservoir. If the oil level is too low, the control system can either trigger an alarm or stop the Conveyor-System.

The drip oiler timer Uni Control can be programmed according to the LUBING lubricating instruction for drip oilers. The controller automatically switches the drip oiler based on the operating hours of the Conveyor-System. This ensures a uniform and safe lubrication.


LUBING Young Generation Team 2018

LUBING Young Generation Team 2018
LUBING Young Generation Team 2018


Five new trainees started at the Barnstorf headquarters on 01.08.2018.
Mr. Elver Abazaj started his training as a machine and plant operator. Rune Scheland is trained as a cutting machine operator. Markus Bruna is trained as a specialist in warehouse logistics and Louis Gruetter as a specialist in metal technology. Jannik Wacker started his training as an industrial clerk.
The group photo this time with the trainers Lena Leukering and Wilfried Finke to the training start, belongs meanwhile already to our tradition and we are proud to be able to train at present 15 young people.

VIV Europe 2018

VIV Europe 2018
LUBING Exhibition-Team VIV Europe 2018



Our international LUBING team was at your disposal at VIV Europe 2018 for questions in the field of Drinking-, Conveyor and Climate-Systems. Our new products such as the Optima E-Control and the water wall, where own pictures could be represented, were the highlights on the exhibition booth.


LUBING Accumulator table

LUBING Accumulator table
LUBING Accumulator table


Our accumulator tables have been technically improved with the new frame design. The further development of the plastic elements is now the basis for the robust but easy-to-clean accumulator table mat. These optimizations facilitate transport and assembly of the accumulator tables. In addition to the available standard dimensions of the accumulator tables, we can also take special requests into account.

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NEW! LUBING SteelNaster

LUBING SteelMaster
LUBING SteelMaster


At the development of this stainless steel nipple, special attention was paid to the increased hygiene requirements. As with the CombiMaster nipple, which has the same properties but a plastic housing, the optimum water supply for the animals is paramount. The flow rate is adapted to the needs of the respective bird age. Because of the climatic influence on the water demand, we have developed two variants with different flow rates. The SteelMaster item 4020 has a higher flow rate and should therefore always be used with a drip cup. With the SteelMaster item 4021, the flow rate is slightly lower and can be used without a drip tray. Further information can be found here: SteelMaster

Christmas 2017

Donation cheque delivery
Donation cheque delivery 2017

Donation cheque delivery

Traditionally, donation cheques were handed over to the recipients shortly before Christmas. During the visit of Mrs. El-Haje from the kindergarten "Kleine Strolche" as well as Mrs. Klauke and Mrs. Gaertner from the "Förderverein der Grundschüler in Barnstorf e. V." the donation cheques were symbolically handed over. The fact that we do without the usual Christmas gifts and support various social projects in Barnstorf and the surrounding area with the corresponding amount is after 10 years already a small tradition and therefore nothing new. New this year is that both projects have already been completed at the presentation of cheques. The "Kleine Strolche" needed their donation already in summer to carry out the reconstruction measures during the summer break. For the project "Green Classroom" the donation was needed in autumn and the project was finished last week.

Takeover of „LUBING International S.A.“




LUBING Maschinenfabrik has announced the complete takeover of “LUBING International S.A.” in France. LUBING International S.A., founded in 1971, was the first foreign representation of LUBING Maschinenfabrik and the only subsidiary company that was legally and financially independent. With this transaction, LUBING Maschinenfabrik aims to realign its sales, purchasing and flexibility of European production capacities.

Markus von der Assen commented on this change: "With LUBING International in Sailly-

LUBING Frankreich
LUBING International S.A. France

sur-la-Lys (near Lille) we have a good location in France. Faster decisions and simplified structures will allow us to become even more flexible in order to react quickly to market conditions. France will play a central role in our planned expansion of activities in Africa. LUBING Ibérica, the company founded by LUBING International in Spain, was also taken over by us. Here, we will continue to expand our activities in Spain and Portugal as desired, with the full support of Germany.”

Frédéric Senechal, LUBING International's sales manager, said: "This move will enable us to create a strong platform for growth in Europe. Thanks to our existing customer base, we will be able to increase sales by leveraging synergies. In particular, we expect strong growth in some African countries."

Christmas in summer 2017

Kleine Strolche 2017
Kleine Strolche 2017


It is now a tradition that we do without the usual Christmas gifts and support various social projects in Barnstorf and the surrounding area with the corresponding amount.

New this year is the early date of donation.

The “Kleine Strolche” (a kindergarten) in Barnstorf have now learned that they can look forward to a "premature" Christmas present in the summer as well. As the project was to be completed at the start of the new kindergarten year, we made a part of our Christmas donation available in the summer. This enabled companies to carry out the conversion work at the nursery during the summer holidays. As a result of this conversion, 30 children between two and six years old can now be cared for five days a week.

But we are not yet revealing to whom the second part of our Christmas donation goes...

LUBING Young Generation Team 2017

LUBING Young Generation Team 2017
LUBING Young Generation Team 2017


Also this year the company LUBING Maschinenfabrik promotes own young professionals once again.  We are proud to welcome four new apprentices to our company on 1st of August 2017.

The trainees in the center from left to right:
Anna Freye (industrial clerk), Lukas Brokamp (mechatronics technicians),
Patrik Schwettmann (machine and equipment operator), Abdulkadir Sincar (specialist for metal technology) with the human resource department represented by Kerstin van Anken (left) and Lena Leukering (right).


LUBING E-Dos Touch
LUBING E-Dos Touch


The combination of the electrical doser E-Dos and our controller LUBING touch control: E-Dos Touch!

LUBING offers two new versions for the electrical dosing into the drinking water with the E-Dos Touch 1 and 2.

Specifically for the norm DIN 10529-2 (Dosing apparatus for the oral medication of powdery or liqiud proprietary medicinal products at farm livestock - Part 2: Dosing apparatus for liquid proprietary medicinal products for application by using drinking water) specified in the guideline " Oral administration of veterinary medicines in the livestock sector through feed or drinking water”) we developed the E-Dos 2 Touch.

NEW! LUBING Touch Control LCM

LUBING Touch Control
LUBING Touch Control LCM


End of January 2016, the changeover took place for the multi house controller and pump units with frequency converter. The operation via touch screen allows an easy handeling of the LUBING Top-Climate-Systems.


Here at a glance the new item numbers:


Item number


item number







LCM vario



Extension box

Donation 2016

LUBING donation 2016

Donations instead of gifts! We participate!


Instead of sending gifts to our customers and business associates, we donated the appropriate amount in equal parts to the German Child Protection League "Kinderschutzbund" and to the St. Veith church in Barnstorf.


In the picture the handing over of the donation by Markus von der Assen (right) to Ms. Reuter (2nd from right) and Mr. Schröder (2nd from left) and Mr. Meyer (left) on 13th of January in our Research Center.

Mourning the passing of Rudi Fick

Rudi Fick
Rudi Fick


The former technical director Rudi Fick is dead. He died on Monday, 12.12.2016 at the age of 69 years.

The LUBING Maschinenfabrik is in mourning for Rudi Fick.

Rudi Fick began as a technical draftsman at the LUBING Maschinenfabrik in 1969. After numerous further training courses from 1976 onwards, the Conveyor-Systems were in his area of responsibility. Here, starting in 1981, as technical director, he laid the foundations for today's highly valued product range.

We mourn for a great colleague and wonderful person. Rudi Fick worked for the LUBING Maschinenfabrik until 2015 and therefore for 46 years within the company. With his competence and his passionate nature, he was highly esteemed by all parties involved.

We will miss him very much.

LUBING at EuroTier 2016

LUBING EuroTier 2016
LUBING Stand Poultry EuroTier 2016


Latest technology for modern animal husbandry

LUBING presents a lot of new products at EuroTier 2016


The system solutions in the field of poultry will be exhibited at booth B18 in hall 3. The DLG-award-winning new development, the pressure regulator Optima E-Control for poultry Drinking-Systems, will also be presented to the specialist audience for the first time. At the stand will present further interesting novelties of the product range Conveyor-Systems for the safe and reliable transport of eggs and for our Climate–Systems.


LUBING EuroTier 2016
LUBING Stand Pig EuroTier 2016


At the Poultry Special that is being held as a special show in hall 4, Stand A31 we will be showing and presenting our approaches and methods in the fields of floor watering for dry litter and air conditioning technology with our Top-Climate-system.


In hall 17, our products for modern pig farming will be presented at the stand D16. You will find here more about the entire product range from Drinking-Systems to Climate-Systems and pig house accessories.

Innovation Award EuroTier 2016

LUBING EuroTier 2016
Silver medal EuroTier 2016 (Picture: DLG)


During the world’s leading trade fair for animal production, EuroTier 2016, the DLG (German Agricultural Society) announced the winners of the Innovation Award EuroTier 2016: For our new pressure regulator Optima E-Control we received a silver medal. DLG president Carl-Albrecht Bartmer presented the medals along with the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Maria Flachsbarth, at the formal opening of the event at Hanover on 14 November 2016.

New electrical Doser: E-Dos




Highest accuracy, very easy to handle and highly resistent against acids



All three versions are available in ¾” as well as in 1” connection. The function is controlled directly by the pump.


More information here or visit us at EuroTier:
Poultry in Hall 3 Stand B18 or Pig in Hall 17 Stand D 16.

Award! Pressure regulator Optima E-Control

LUBING Optima E-Control
LUBING Optima E-Control


25 novelties receive the Innovation Award EuroTier 2016


The neutral expert commission of the DLG (German Agricultural Society) has declared our pressure regulator from the 251 approved novelties as a Winner (Winner Innovation Award EuroTier).

Our regulator Optima E-Control is one of the 25 innovations which receive the Innovation Award EuroTier 2016.


Optima E-Control will first time shown at the EuroTier in Hannover.


LUBING Optima E-Control enables electronic adjustment and readjustment of the pressure. The pressure regulator Optima E-Control allows especially a feedback of the water column which allows an easy control of the water supply for the animals. Also an automatic adjusting of the water column in the drinking line is possible. Thus, the litter moisture can be significantly reduced without turning off the water. The system also shows the actual pressure in each drinking line and includes the automatic flushing.


Visit us in Hall 3 Stand B18 and have a look at our excellent solution.

New Pressure regulator Optima E-Flush

LUBING Optima E-Flush
LUBING Optima E-Flush


Optima E-Flush with actuator for automatic flushing


With the new development of the pressure regulator, the flushing valve is now directly controlled by an actuator for automatic flushing.

The LUBING flush control " Touch Control LCW " successively switches the actuators that open the integrated flush valve of the pressure regulator Optima E-flush. The required voltage is provided by the LCW control uniformly in 24 V DC. The cable length of the actuators of 7.5 m ensures a flexible handling.

Automatic flushing

LUBING Touch Control LCW
LUBING Touch Control LCW


With the new LUBING Touch Control LCW


The flush controller "LUBING Touch Control LCW 'successively switches the actuators that open the integrated flush valve of the pressure reducer Optima E-flush.

Besides the known flushing functions LUBING Touch Control LCW offers several new possibilities. With the function "Temperature flush" the drinking water can now be monitored and flushed out at high temperatures with fresh and cooler water.

With the "filling" function the drinker line water can flush accurately to the end of the drinking line.

Flushing can be controlled either by time or water meter. Operating functions can be expanded via CANBus , updates can be made via SD card. A data logging functionality can be optionally activated.

Additional information.

LUBING Young Generation Team 2016

LUBING Trainees 2016
LUBING Young Generation Team 2016

Eight new apprentices start at LUBING Maschinenfabrik Barnstorf their careers. The training team welcomed on 1st of August the new members of the Young Generation Team. The trainees are from left to right René Harms (electronic technician for industrial engineering), Tino Kube (machine operator), Chris Brüggemann (industrial sales), Arthur Bacharew (specialist for warehouse logistics), Dominik-Pascal Gohut und Tomasz Walendzik (specialist for metal technology), Kevin Köhnenkamp (technical product designer), Tarek Bening (industrial mechanic).

Expansion of Pad-Climate-Systems

LUBING Pad-Klima-Systeme


Through the further spread of plastic pads we have adapted our Pad-Climate-Systems to the current conditions of the global markets. For this we introduced pumps with various special voltages. Due to the greater demand of water in plastic pads, we increased the number of holes in the water pipe. For the same pump capacity the usable length must be reduced then. Therefore, we introduced more pumps with larger capacity for longer units.


NEW! LUBING Touch Control

LUBING Touch Control
LUBING Touch Control


The new generation of controls “LUBING Touch Control” for Top-Climate-Systems will be delivered from 06.13.2016.

The new versions will include the full functionality of the previous controller. The operation now occurs via a touchscreen. Thus, the operation is even more efficient and clearly arranged.

Here an overview of the item numbers:


Item number


Item number














LUBING invests in Research Center